Writing with Quotes

Nowadays it is hard to find a piece of writing or a speech without a mention of a quote. Moreover, most articles and speeches even have multiple quotes. We quote to support our opinion. It is believed that the quotes add value, give strength, decorate and define the argument. However, the question is: Does the power of an idea necessarily depend on quotes?

Writing or speaking is an expression of an opinion. We write so that we can contribute, though in a small scale, in building an opinion about an issue. While doing so we quote. However, many times, the quotes just turn out to be the elaboration of the quoted personality’s doctrine.

I have known some who quote in their writings just for the sake of quote. They want their write-ups to have quoted so that they appear much more thought-provoking or intellectual books. They fall in the category ‘ the more the quotes, the powerful the writing is.’ Do we want our write-ups to be labelled and influenced by a particular personality or any established idea?

Also, isn’t quoting like copying? Our film producers say the story is not the copy but an inspiration of this Bollywood movie? Same is with the quotes. Aren’t we deceiving the readers and the listeners by mentioning more quotes? The writer or the speaker has to be cautious that the quotes do not overshadow the ideas or the opinions? Why can’t we give something that is solely our own, on which we exclusively can take pride? Why do we want to disclose that we are inspired, shadowed, and influenced others’ ideas?

The research articles might need some statistical quotes to justify the statement, but every piece of other writing does not need quotes. If we can successfully build an opinion on our own without taking the support of others, then that is an achievement. The writer has to be cautious that the quotes do not ruin the article or the speech.

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