Dream eluded

 I thought even an innocent child is sustaining his life by hawking packets of sweets. Curiously I asked him, “Don’t you like going to school?”   Struggle for Survival. A small boy, probably around 10 years old was roaming around Chakrapath with packets of sweets. I was standing on the side of the road, waiting for

My father’s Bicycle

I don’t know when my father started riding a bicycle. But I am sure that, this bicycle is as old as my father. It was my daily routine to wait for my father every evening knowing that he will keep me in his bicycle and take me to the ride. That was one of my happiest moment of

Proposal Writing for Thesis

Now, here is the time for starting our thesis paper. But before writing the thesis its necessary to write the proposal. I am in the process of writing a thesis proposal for my Master Degree. For me, Proposal writing for Thesis in Master Degree became the matter of a headache at first. It had to be

Writing with Quotes

Writing or speaking is an expression of an opinion. We write so that we can contribute, though in a small scale, in building an opinion about an issue. While doing so we quote. However, many times, the quotes just turn out to be the elaboration of the quoted personality's doctrine.